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Agricultural policy to bring the vitality of Taizhou Electric Sprayer

Agricultural policy to bring the vitality of Taizhou Electric Sprayer

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Taizhou Electric Sprayer industry formed in the seventies and eighties of last century, the first appeared in the Luqiao Pengjie, Jiaojiang Sanjia areas.
After 30 years of development, Taizhou Electric Sprayer industry has completed the primitive accumulation, formed from the processing of parts to machine production, and then gradually to the development trend of industrial clusters, industrial development, accelerate the pace of market share steadily.
At present, Taizhou has formed a casting, injection molding, finishing to system assembly, product sales through-train complete industrial chain, a higher degree of socialization of production collaboration. In 2009, Luqiao District and Jiaojiang District won the titles of "Chinese Sprayer Capital" and "Hometown of Chinese Sprayer". The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.
Of course, Taizhou Electric Sprayer industry is also facing a serious challenge. How to actively adapt to the new development environment, the transformation and upgrading of industry, is the sprayer industry in Taizhou need to think together.
Taizhou Electric Sprayer industry "status"
Lin Xia Man said, usually, a lot of Taizhou products on the market, tend to be labeled in the low-end products, labels, but only in Taizhou sprayer products at home and abroad recognition is very high reputation is also very good.
Domestic and foreign dealers, customers prefer to buy the production of sprayer in Taizhou, which of course, and Taizhou high-quality products related to the sprayer. Compared with similar products, the price of sprayer produced in Taizhou 10% higher, and orders continue.
And all of this, not overnight, Taizhou's sprayer has also faced a "quality crisis." In 1997, the AQSIQ will be included in the regional quality of products in Taizhou, causing all levels of government attention to the quality of the sprayer. Through the special rectification of product quality and production enterprises continue to improve the quality of consciousness, in 2000, Taizhou successfully removed the regional product quality hat.
Since then, Taizhou Electric Sprayer products through upgrading, product quality, production technology and product technology content increased year by year. Today, the "Taizhou sprayer" has become a synonym for high-quality sprayer in China, in 2013, the national supervision and inspection batches pass rate of 94.87%, the provincial supervision and sampling batches pass rate of 95.45%.

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