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Modern agriculture has provided opportunities for sprayers

Modern agriculture has provided opportunities for sprayers

In recent years, the impact of the financial crisis since 2008, especially by the impact of the Internet, Taizhou's traditional manufacturing industry has been difficult to pick up. In contrast, Taizhou sprayer industry sales are still at an annual rate of 20% to 30% growth, strong ability to resist risks.
"Behind the steady growth, both the excellent quality of the product support, but also support the national policy affixed to agriculture." Lin Xia Man said.
With the country's overall economic strength continues to increase, support for agriculture increased year by year, agricultural policies have been introduced. These incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers played an unprecedented role in promoting the development of agriculture opportunities have come, the annual demand for plant protection machinery in China to increase the amount of huge amounts.
"We see that with the deepening of land transfer, the traditional one-third of acres of planting forms will be eliminated, a large area of farm-type planting will replace." Lin Xia Man said, Manual Sprayer may not be able to meet the modern agricultural production The future, electric sprayers and motorized sprayers will become the mainstream.
In such a new situation, actively adjust the product structure is imperative. "Enterprises have begun to realize this problem, hand sprayer will be moving towards the development of the family, and in agricultural production, will develop more precise spraying, more efficient Electric Sprayer and motorized sprayer.

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